The Story

The SpotMicro model was originally developed by Deok-yeon Kim and released on Thingiverse. He has posted that he is required to join the military in his country for two years and so will be absent from development.

The Build

This is a reasonably priced quadruped.

Before you start you need to decide if you want to have:

  • A fully simulated quadruped robot (pyBullet / ROS), repository for the simulation build, here in this page that you are reading, contains the information to drive you through it.

  • A simple quadruped robot controlled with remote bluetooth controller (PS4 or XBOX for example), repository for the basic build, the repository have all the information to guide you.


Lidar build by @FlorianWilk

Remote contolled

Remote controlled with ARM by @Knosterpitter

The Community

You have all the repositories in GitLab:

Simulation & Software

There is currently a working Bezier Gait Environment with Randomizable Body and Terrain Parameters in Pybullet. It has a variety of trained Reinforcement Learning Agents for gait correction and rough terrain traveral, as well as a ROS interface to operate the robot using a Joystick. You can access it here.


3d Prints


Everyone is welcome to join and collaborate

Please refer to our collaborations section to know more: Collaboration


KDY released this under the Creative Commons Attribution license.